What is P-Shot® and how does it improve erections?

What is P-Shot® and how does it improve erections?

Many men suffer from erection problems, limp erections or difficulty becoming aroused. This problem, which is also known as erectile dysfunction, does not only affect men in their 30s, it can also occur in younger men. There are an unlimited number of treatments which promise to improve the erection. A very gentle treatment has come to us from the USA. Here, Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) is used as what is known as a P-Shot® to improve the function of the erectile tissue. You can learn all about the P-Shot®, which we now offer, on this page.

How does P-Shot® work and what is the intimate treatment procedure?

The entire treatment is based on the use of what is known as Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP), which is the basic substance in the P-Shots®. This is obtained from a small blood sample from your veins. The blood is then purified and centrifuged in a special process before the PRP is available. It is a product of your own blood, which is why the P-Shot® can be called 100% natural.

Once local anaesthetic cream has been applied to the penis and numbness can be felt, the PRP is inserted into the region of the erectile tissue. This intimate treatment causes the growth hormones and enzymes from the blood to achieve their effect and improves the function of the erection.

What can the P-Shot® do and does it help with erectile dysfunction?

The effects of the P-Shot® treatment can be diverse, but it is important to understand that they are different for every man. P-Shot® treatment is primarily aimed at men who want to enlarge their penis and improve its function. The observed effects are summarised as follows on the website priapusshot.com:

  • Penis enlargement
  • Strengthening of the erectile tissue
  • Improvement in penile circulation and oxygen supply to the penis
  • Increase in the intensity of sexual experiences
  • Balancing out of differences in thickness during an erection
  • Does that sound good to you? Why not try out this low-risk treatment and see how good the effects are on your body? Arrange a consultation with us.

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  • Dr Spanholtz registered as a specialist with the inventor of the P-Shot®, Charles Runnels, and is therefore the first plastic surgeon to offer the P-Shot® in Germany and one of the first doctors in Europe to discover this treatment, which originated in the USA. As an internationally recognised specialist in intimate treatments in men, his range of skills also covers the field of functional improvement of male sexual function. Numerous men contact us in the Rosengarten practice wanting a penis enlargement or other intimate treatment (e.g. penis thickening, glans enlargement, scrotum tightening), but also with the goal of improving the function of the penis, increasing the intensity of sexual experiences and maximising the circulation to the erectile tissue in a natural way. Get in touch with us if you are interested in P-Shot® treatment in Germany. We would be happy to advise you by telephone, video conference or of course in a discrete, non-binding consultation.

NEW: P-Shot Pro® – what is P-Shot Pro® and when is it used?

P-Shot® Pro works with a further development of PRP, exokine-derived serum (EdS). The technique is also based on your own blood so the treatment is once again 100% natural. Unlike when using PRP (as is the case in the standard P-Shot), it takes slightly longer to prepare your blood. The blood is taken in special tubes which contain, among other things, very fine glass balls with a roughened surface. Contact with the glass surface results in a particularly high level of activation of the hormone in the PRP. The activity of PRP is further increased by it being incubated for a period of six hours at 37 degrees.

Your blood is then centrifuged to isolate what is known as EdS (exokine-derived serum). This contains many times more regeneration factors than are found in the PRP, is cell-free and has both an anti-inflammatory and strongly regenerative effect. An increase in collagen and stem cells in the area of tissue treated can be identified just a few weeks after use. New blood cells grow in the region of the root of the penis as a result of the effects of the EdS. These are then able to supply the erectile tissue with more blood. The effects are much more significant as those achieved with conventional PRP.

The exokine method has been used to treat joint pain, nerve pain in the spine and muscle and tendon injuries since 1998. Its use in erectile dysfunction is an entirely new approach. The initial results from our clinic are promising.

The fact that it is the body’s own material with no additives means that the treatment is low-risk and does not trigger any intolerances. P-Shot® Pro can be used as an initial procedure but also as a follow-up treatment after preparation with the conventional P-Shot®.

NEW- Shockwave therapy for the improvement of the erectile function

With the P- Shot treatment and the even more intense P-Shot Pro treatment we already offer therapies for the improvement of the erectile function. From now on, those treatments are supplemented by a very modern procedure: The Shockwave treatment. Therefore, with a special device which is produced by the German quality manufacturer STORZ a highly frequented shockwave is used to stimulate the tissue growth in the erectile tissue and consequently improve the erection. Modern technology MADE IN GERMANY

The effects of the shockwave are:
1. Improvement of the erectile function
2. Increase of blood circulation inside of the penis
3. Improvement of the sexual functions
4. Increase in penis volume
5. Longer duration of the erection