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It’s hard to say how old the discussion about penis size, penis length and penis thickness is. Men (and women!) have long talked about the topic. Penis size definitely plays a significant role. Kings College London, where Dr Timo Spanholtz completed some of his training, proved this in a study. Various media (including Spiegel Online and Playboy) reported this study and penis extension surgery in detail. But more important than size and length is often: a bigger and longer penis.

We can courage you: from innumerable patient discussions we know how long our patients have already spent thinking about the topic. The majority of them have looked everywhere for answers and solutions to the question of is penis extension possible? We want to explain the possibilities of penis extension to you on this page. You can find more detailed information on our website on the topic:


What is penis extension surgery?

Penis extension is surgery in which the size and length of the penis are aesthetically improved. Penis extension surgery is one of the two operations (alongside penis thickening) carried out as part of penis enlargement. Together, both of the procedures lead to a larger penis size. While many less experienced surgeons only consider one aspect, with our patients we ensure that the overall picture of the penis enlargement is a positive one.

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Penis extension before/after: what does it mean for your penis size?

Based on penis extension experience in our practice, we know that it is important not to give patients false hope. Both parties should be realistic. The end result of penis enlargement always depends on the initial situation. Two scenarios are conceivable:

  • penis extension before/after: if the penis has an erection length of less than 12 cm before the operation, we will not be able to help you achieve an average length through the operation. You will, however, still be able to achieve a visible increase in penis size (penis length and diameter). Brief example: before the penis extension surgery you have an erection length of 9 cm and after the penis extension surgery you have an erection length of 14 cm, that would correspond to 155% of your previous length. This is a result that you would be able to see in any case.

  • Penis extension before/after (2): If your penis is in the lower normal range before the penis extension operation with an erection length of more than 12 cm, we will be able to achieve a very nice and very satisfactory result using our penis extension technique.

Penis extension and penis thickening

As already explained, here in the practice on Rosengarten we focus on the overall picture of penis enlargement. This is only achieved through a combination of penis extension and penis thickening. In numbers, this ratio can be expressed as follows:

  • In many cases, an increase in penis length of 3 cm (average of 2-4 cm) is achieved.
  • If the penis length is 3 cm more, the penis thickness needs to be adapted accordingly. An increase in girth of around 2 cm can be achieved in this way.
  • Together, the combination of penis extension and penis thickening results in a natural and appealing overall result.

Duration time

1 ½ - 2 hours


Threads self-dissolving, distraction treatment independently


No sexual intercourse for approx. 3-4 weeks, no sport for 2-3 weeks and do not smoke for 8 weeks


Eichelverdickung, Hodensackstraffung, Fettabsaugungen am Bauch und an den Flanken und/oder im Schambereich, Beschneidungen (Zirkumzisionen)

All information about penis enlargement surgery

Who can have a penis extension? 

We have many different patients who we advise on this penis extension operation. Many have a normal penis size at 5-10 cm when flaccid, but would like their penises to be longer. As the penis length increases, though, the penis thickness should be considered too, as this rounds off the overall impression of the penis. Even what are known as micropenises can be extended.
We have students, trainees, university professors, models and fathers as patients. It is a fantasy that this penis extension operation is only suitable for extravagant and particularly brave patients. Quite the opposite is true: our range of patients shows that men of every background, age and “basic equipment” are interested in penis extension. We are able to help all of them be that little bit more man through penis extension surgery.
If you are not from Cologne or the surrounding area and have to travel a long way, it is not a problem Patients come to us from not just Germany but across Europe and the globe because of our excellent reputation. We can organise your transport for you along with an overnight stay in our partner hotel.

What happens in penis extension surgery?

As explained, the combination of penis extension and penis thickening is recommended to achieve an optimal overall appearance of the penis. We explain the two procedures below:

How does the penis extension work?
A lot of people are unaware that a large percentage of the penis length is hidden inside the body. The obvious penis size, in other words the outside part of the penis, is therefore just a small part of the true penis length. In a penis extension, this hidden part of the penis can be made visible. In order to do this, what are known as suspensory ligaments (ligamentum suspensorium) are detached from the penis by means of a small cut on the root of the penis. These suspensory ligaments are part of three-dimensional ligamentous apparatus which holds the penis back. In the penis extension operation, the penis itself is detached from these ligaments and the penis shaft moved further forwards or outwards. Many years of experience are needed to prevent the penis from moving back in the healing phase and create both professional and permanent inner fixing. Follow-up treatment by means of distraction (Dr Spanholtz will explain more about this in person) is an important part of long-term success.

And how is the penis thickening carried out?
The penis length alone does not make the appearance consistent. This means the penis thickness needs to be adapted too during a natural penis extension. We talk about a natural penis extension because we do not fundamentally use any artificial implants. As renowned plastic surgeons, we therefore do not offer penis extensions with silicone but instead use an entirely different method. We use autologous fat for a natural penis extension. For an autologous fat transfer, we first suck the fat out of the patient's flank or stomach. This autologous fat is then transferred into the penis shaft as part of the natural penis extension. This penis extension operation is often also used to remove bothersome rolls of fat completely and use them for the thickening.

What needs to be considered after the penis extension surgery?

After the penis extension, you should do stretching exercises with the penis in the mornings and the evenings. You will find out all of the details you need for this in the personal consultation and you will receive the equipment you need from us too. We use a variant of the PeniMaster tailored specifically to our needs (

You should avoid sexual intercourse for around 3 weeks after the penis extension surgery, but otherwise there are minimal restrictions. Distraction should be carried out in the mornings (before work) and in the evenings. In many cases, patients distract their penis through the night, which is entirely possible in a simple and comfortable manner by wearing the PeniMaster.

Distraction is important to improve the result after the penis extension surgery. We can not only advise you about which distractor would be best for you, you can also purchase the distractor directly from us. As you can see, we offer an all-round package for our patients.

You can care for your scar with Scarcare® (

How dangerous is penis extension?

In capable hands, the risks of penis extension are absolutely manageable. Unfortunately, we repeatedly see results from both Germany and abroad which show knotted scarring, unevenly distributed fatty tissue and unsatisfactory results.

With the numerous procedures Dr Spanholtz has carried out, one thing has become clear: penis extension surgery is safe and reliable in practised hands. One important thing should, however, be noted in advance when it comes to the results:

  • Neither an increase in length nor an increase in thickness can be predicted with certainty.
  • While the penis length depends on the anatomy of each man, healing of the fatty tissue is determined by both habits (smoking!) and genetics.
  • We know that we can achieve both penis extension and penis thickening in every case, but there are differences in how good the results are after a year. Nevertheless, our patients are satisfied because all of them are able to register an increase in length and thickness and know that everything has been tried to maximise the result.

How much does penis extension surgery cost?

The costs of penis extension surgery alone are around EUR 7.750.
For the optimal result, the following costs need to be taken into account too:

  • Penis thickening: EUR 7.350 (without glans 5.950) 

If applicable fee for second fat transfer if desired: EUR 3.550

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