Penis thickening

In addition to a penis extension, many patients also want a thicker penis. The reasons for this are simple: first of all, a thicker penis looks more aesthetically pleasing. It also hangs further down and the length then looks optimal, which is why penis thickening also leads to an increase in penis length. Sexuality is also intensified, because the partner's arousal is much more a result of penis thickness and not so much penis length. Women’s erogenous zones are in the region of the external vagina (clitoris) and in the region of what is known as the G-spot. This is just a few centimetres away from the opening of the vagina, and is mainly stimulated by rubbing with the penis. It is logical that a thicker penis will produce more intensive stimulation.

All of these reasons combined mean penis thickening is one of the most common operations in our intimate practice. But how does penis thickening work, can it be combined with a penis extension and how long will it take to recover. You will find lots of information about penis thickening on this page.

Many colleagues who do not do intimate male surgery as often forget to talk to patients about the glans. If the penis shaft is thickened by the glans retains its original size, the resulting appearance is not always optimal. We can therefore advise you on both: for us, penis thickening means both penis shaft thickening and glans thickening.

Many patients use the operation to thicken their penis with autologous fat to have fat removed from the pubic area (mons pubis) or the stomach and flanks. Combinations of this kind are of course possible, and combination with a penis extension is a common option. Talk to us directly.

In addition to stable penis thickening with autologous fat, we do of course also offer penis thickening with special artificial fillers. What is this option better? There are patients who want a quick solution or who want to avoid an operation altogether. Penis thickening with our stable filler (which lasts around 3-5 years) is a good option for these patients. Other patients want permanent penis thickening, but want to try out how they like the thicker penis first. Temporary penis thickening is ideal for this. Treatment can be carried out in an outpatient environment under local anaesthetic, with no recovery time needed. A simple and straightforward way of increasing penis thickness.

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Duration time

1 ½ - 2 hours


Outpatient surgery, protection for 3-4 days, no need to remove the thread; in connection with penis enlargement or other procedures, please read the page on penis enlargement. Smoking and any other form of nicotine must be avoided!


No sexual intercourse for approx. 3-4 weeks, no sport for 2-3 weeks and do not smoke for 8 weeks


Eichelverdickung, Hodensackstraffung, Fettabsaugungen am Bauch und an den Flanken und/oder im Schambereich, Beschneidungen (Zirkumzisionen)

All information about penis enlargement surgery

When is the right time for penis enlargement?

If you are concerned about your penis length or girth, or feel insecure during intercourse, penis enlargement can be a good way to improve your confidence. You must, however, be physically fit.

How is penis enlargement carried out? 


For a more detailed description of the operation, a distinction must be made between penis lengthening and penis thickening.

When considering penis lengthening, it is important to know that a large proportion of penis length is hidden inside the man’s body. This means that the penis outside the body represents only a “proportion” of true length. The penis is held in place by a 3-dimensional structure of ligaments, which also includes ‘sling-like ligaments’ (the suspensory ligaments). These supporting ligaments can be loosened by making a small (3 cm) cut at the root of the penis, allowing the penis to be pulled forward and, as a result, outwards. As a results, the penis visibly gains in length.

It requires years of experience to carry out a penis enlargement whilst ensuring that the penis does not withdraw during the healing phase, and to ensure that the internal restructuring of these retaining ligaments is carried out both professionally and permanently. A follow-up ‘traction’ treatment is vital to ensure a successful result in the long term.

In many cases, our patients express a wish for not only an increase in penis length, but also a thickening of the penis. Therefore, in order to achieve a satisfactory overall result, the penis circumference (girth) is also increased.

If the penis thickening procedure is carried out using the patient's own body fat, we aspirate some of the fat (own-fat, ‘autologous fat transfer’) from the abdomen, thighs or even the flanks and transfer this to the shaft of the penis. The fat is processed using a highly-specialised technique and, if desired, enriched with PRP/stem-cell serum to support the healing of the fat. Since we also perform breast enlargement procedures, and “Brazilian butt lift” procedures using own-fat transfer, we have extensive experience with the technique and can achieve very even and highly-pleasing results. 

Things to consider following a penis enlargement procedure. 

After penis enlargement, the small wound must heal first. We use dissolvable suture material, eliminating the need for stitches to be removed. After a recovery period of around one week, you should carry out the stretching treatments, each morning and evening, using the ‘traction device’ that we will provide you with following surgery. This follow-on treatment is important in order to achieve the desired result after the penis enlargement surgery. If it becomes difficult to carry out traction treatments during the daytime, you can also wear the traction device through the night. For this purpose, we mostly use the Phallosan Forte traction device. You will be provided with a device at the clinic and can take it home with you along with instructions following the penis enlargement procedure.

You should avoid sexual intercourse for about 3 weeks, but otherwise you will be largely unrestricted in your day-to-day activities. For example, scar treatments can be carried out using the Scarcare® product (

There are also some important rules to follow after the penis thickening procedure to ensure the best result: any pressure on the penis must be avoided for a period of 8 weeks (tight trousers, sex, etc.). In addition, the penis should not be exposed to extreme temperatures (swimming in cold water, saunas, etc.) and extreme spikes in blood pressure (i.e. sports) should be avoided. The healing of fat tissue is significantly impaired in smokers: as such, it is essential that you completely avoid cigarettes and nicotine in any form for at least 8 weeks!

Are there risks with penis enlargement? 

As the penis extension surgery is performed under general anaesthesia, it is associated with a low level of risk due to anaesthesia. In addition, swelling or post-operative bleeding may occur after the surgery. However, these after-effects can be avoided if you adhere to the recovery period and follow the recommendations given by Dr. med. Spanholtz. Before the procedure, we will also discuss all possible risks with you, and give advice on what to look out for following the procedure. 

How much does penis enlargement cost

The costs for penis enlargement are as follows:

  • Penis extension: € 7.750
  • Penis thickening: € 7.350 (with no enlargement of the glans/“head of the penis”: € 5.950)

The resultant total price is: € 15.100

If a second fat transfer procedure is required following the initial treatment, the fee for this is € 3.550, including anaesthesia.

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