Scrotum tightening: one aspect of intimate male surgery

Tightening of the scrotum is an operation many men are not even considering when they come to us for a consultation about intimate surgery. It is, however, an exciting and safe technique used for penis enlargement and genital rejuvenation.

A closer look at the scrotum

The scrotum is a skin pocket outside of the body that contains the testicles, which are about the size of plums. The scrotum also has muscle fibres running through it, which contract or relax the skin to regulate temperature. This means the temperature in the testicles is kept at 34 to 35 degrees Celsius to maintain the functionality of the sperm. The scrotum therefore plays a not insignificant role.

This alone is reason enough to consider the scrotum when thinking about intimate surgery. The scrotum can slacken as we get older or because of our genes. Excess skin can also cause the scrotum to drop.

This is not just problematic for those affected from an aesthetic perspective. It can also cause unpleasant rubbing when wearing tight clothing.

Why should I have scrotum tightening?

There are two main aims to tightening a slack scrotum:

  • Lifting testicles which hang a long way down, because a slack scrotum makes male genitals look “old” and “flabby”.
  • Along with the removal of the excess scrotum skin, rejuvenation of the genitals.
  • Correction of what is known as penile webbing (see below), leading to visual penis extension.

In addition to the first two goals, scrotum tightening can also provide additional support in penis extension. How does that happen? The testicles start on the lower side of the penis and extend into the area between the testicles and the penis known as the perineum. This means the front attachment of the testicles can be relatively far forwards on the penis. The skin then stretches like a kind of sail when the penis is erect. This excess skin, also known as “penile webbing” hangs like a “turkey neck” on the lower side of the penis, concealing the natural length of the penis in this position. This means removing the excess skin has both an aesthetic benefit and a positive effect on the length.

Correction of penile webbing

We call this penile webbing or testicular sails, because the skin between the penis and the testicles stretches like a sail. Around the world, this problem is now often corrected through a minor operation. 

The reason that this operation is successful is that although the penis (shaft) actually has a good length, the skin attached to the front conceals the true length of the penis and makes it look shorter.

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Duration time

1 - 2 hours


Inpatient surgery, protection for about 5-7 days, thread removal is not necessary (self-dissolving threads)


Social responsibility: approx. 5-6 days
Sport: about 4 weeks
Pain: medium


Penis enlargements (penis enlargement and / or penis thickening), P-shot treatments, circumcisions, but also upper eyelid surgery, liposuction on the abdomen / flanks and much more.

Scrotum tightening: Surgery

The solution: correction of the penile webbing by special scrotum tightening. The technique we have developed involves a tightening of the excess testicular skin using a technique that enables the scar, which is precisely in the centre line of the scrotum, to disappear later on. This means the scar is effectively invisible and the full length of the penis can be seen. This procedure combines two surgeries into one optimal result: the penile webbing is corrected and the slack scrotum can be tightened in the same procedure.

Of course this operation can also be combined with a penis extension and penis thickening, a circumcision or an improvement in erections using a P-Shot. It is also important that you have an examination to check if you have penile webbing if you are considering a penis extension, because we may also be able to correct this and achieve the best possible result. This small correction improves the result enormously and helps to make the full length of the penis visible. 

The operation lasts around 60 minutes (if it is combined with a full penis enlargement then around 120 minutes) and is carried out under brief anaesthesia. Staying overnight in the private clinic is advisable to avoid bruising. There is no need to remove the stitches as we use absorbable suture material.

Our patients come from across Europe and our treatments are tailored to allowing you to leave the clinic “fully ready”, with follow-up treatment which can be carried out via video link. 

We are happy to advise you on this and look forward to getting to know you at a personal consultation. 

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